Replace Driver Airbag – 2005-2018 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

2018 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

Work instructions Van Group 91 CODE: NC3DABTKW2 SM91.60-D-0077SG 24.02.2022 Replace driver’s airbag (code: NC3DABTKW2, acc. no.: 91 921 53) Model 906   Replace Driver Airbag          

Inspect Brake Booster – 2006-2012 Mercedes-Benz ML-Class, GL-Class, & R-Class

2012 Mercedes-Benz ML350

May 9, 2022 NHTSA CAMPAIGN NUMBER: 22V315000 Brake Booster Corrosion May Impair Braking Reduced brake performance or brake failure can increase the risk of a crash.   NHTSA Campaign Number: 22V315 Manufacturer Mercedes-Benz USA, LLC Components SERVICE BRAKES, HYDRAULIC Potential Number of Units Affected 292,287   Summary Mercedes-Benz USA, LLC (MBUSA) is recalling certain 2006-2012 ML-Class, GL-Class, and R-Class vehicles. … Read more

Update Control Unit Configuration – 2007-2014 Mercedes-Benz SLK-Class, C-Class, E-Class, CLK-Class, SL-Class & G-Class

2014-2015 Mercedes-Benz E250

March 18, 2022 NHTSA CAMPAIGN NUMBER: 22V168000 Incorrect Software May Cause System Failures Various system failures, such as loss of drive power, reduced exterior lighting, or loss of dynamic control functions including stability and traction control, can increase the risk of a crash.   NHTSA Campaign Number: 22V168 Manufacturer Mercedes-Benz USA, LLC Components EXTERIOR LIGHTING, ELECTRONIC STABILITY CONTROL, ENGINERead more

BlueTEC Update – MY 10-11 R (V251) – 2010-2011 Mercedes-Benz R350

2011 Mercedes-Benz R350

TO: Mercedes-Benz Dealer Principals, General Managers, Sales Managers, Service Managers, Parts Managers FROM:  Gregory Gunther, Department Manager, Vehicle Compliance and Analysis, Engineering Services RE: Emission Modification Notification – [[2020050024]] MY 10-11 R350 BlueTec 4MATIC Update – Emission Modification Category (EMC) #5 DATE: May 27, 2022   IMPORTANT EMISSION MODIFICATION NOTIFICATION Attention Dealership Management   Please … Read more

BlueTEC Update – MY 10-12 GL (X164) – 2010-2012 Mercedes-Benz GL350

2012 Mercedes-Benz GL350

IMPORTANT EMISSION MODIFICATION NOTIFICATION Attention Dealership Management   Please ensure that every dealership associate is aware of this Emission Modification notification, and that customer-facing associates provide transparent information to Customers. Refer to VMI in NetStar to determine which units in your inventory are affected by this Emission Modification. This notification hereby instructs Dealers not to … Read more