BlueTEC Update – MY 09 ML (W164) – 2009 Mercedes-Benz ML320

TO: Mercedes-Benz Dealer Principals, General Managers, Sales Managers, Service Managers, Parts Managers FROM:  Gregory Gunther, Department Manager, Vehicle Compliance and Analysis, Engineering Services
RE: Emission Modification Notification – [[2020050019]]
MY 09 ML320 BlueTec 4MATIC Update – Emission Modification Category (EMC) #5
DATE: May 27, 2022




Attention Dealership Management


  • Please ensure that every dealership associate is aware of this Emission Modification notification, and that customer-facing associates provide transparent information to Customers.
  • Refer to VMI in NetStar to determine which units in your inventory are affected by this Emission Modification. This notification hereby instructs Dealers not to sell or cause to be sold, or lease or cause to be leased, or introduce into commerce, or export from the United States to another country, any vehicle covered by this notification, unless it has received the Approved Emission Modification described in this notification.  Failure to adhere to these instructions may result in possible penalties or fines.
  • Run a VMI check on all vehicles brought into your Service Department to determine if they are affected by any service campaign or recall and perform accordingly.
  • Always act with the principles of Customer Experience in mind.
  • Refer to the work instructions and ensure each step in the defined process is followed exactly as described. Steps such as affixing the vehicle label and correctly filling out the vehicle label must be adhered to.  Failure to adhere to these instructions may result in possible penalties or fines.
  • Ensure your warranty administrator submits warranty claims for this Emission Modification in a timely manner. Extended warranty applicability stated herein is automatically enabled once the Approved Emission Modification is completed and the warranty claim is processed.
  • A proposed class action settlement has been filed that provides compensation to customers who receive the Emission Modification and meet certain other requirements. To receive such compensation, class members will need to submit (among other things) copies of their Repair Order showing proof that the Emission Modification was installed and (if any) proof of transportation expenses incurred to receive the Emission Modification—up to $35—in the event that a loaner, shuttle, or  alternative transportation cannot be arranged by your dealership.  Please remind customers to save this documentation.
  • Customers should not be given information about the Emission Modification or the class settlement that deviates from, or is in addition to, what is in authorized communications reflected in this NCU or the official websites: and Failure to adhere to this instruction could threaten final implementation of the settlement and may result in possible penalties.


Other than the benefits class members can claim through the class action settlement process, customers cannot be offered any compensation in exchange for receiving the Emission Modification. Failure to adhere to this instruction may result in possible penalties. (At their discretion and on a case-by-case basis, Dealers can continue to offer customers goodwill for other reasons consistent with normal business practices and policies, but additional compensation in exchange for receiving the Emissions Modification is prohibited.)


Information for Customers:

  • For information related to this specific Emission Modification, Customers can refer to:

  • For information related to the proposed class action settlement, Customers can refer to:


Please note that all customer inquiries should be directed to the Customer Assistance Center at 1-833-841-9362.


Gregory Gunther

Department Manager, Vehicle Compliance & Analysis



Emission Modification Notification January 13, 2022
Campaign No.:  EMC# Campaign Desc. : BlueTEC Update – MY 09 ML (W164)
2020050019 5 19P4992010
This is to notify you of an Emission Modification Notification to update the emission control system on approximately 3277 Model Year (“MY”) 2009 ML320 BlueTEC 4MATIC (W164) diesel vehicles.  Emission Modification information will be visible on the website and may generate questions from Owners and Lessees. Affected VINs will be flagged in VMI as “OPEN” on January 13, 2022.
Issue Mercedes-Benz USA, LLC (“MBUSA”) is modifying the emission control system on certain diesel vehicles.  The Emission Modification for MY09 ML320BT BlueTEC 4MATIC (W164) vehicles has been approved by EPA and CARB, and is now ready for installation.  An authorized Mercedes-Benz Dealer will install the Emission Modification at no cost to the Owner/Lessee.   
What We’re Doing An authorized Mercedes-Benz Dealer will replace certain emission control system components and update certain software in eligible vehicles.
Parts Parts are available as of 1/13/2022
Vehicles Affected
Vehicle Model Year(s) MY 2009
Vehicle Model ML320 BlueTEC 4MATIC (W164)
Vehicle Populations
Total Campaign Population 3277
Total Customer Vehicles in Campaign 3277
Next Steps/Notes
Customer Notification Timeline Customer letters will begin to be mailed on January 13, 2022.
AOMS/SOMS This Emission Modification Notification may initiate questions from customers and the media.  Please ensure your Dealers have read and understand this notice.
  • IMPORTANT: This notification hereby instructs Dealers not to sell or cause to be sold, or lease or cause to be leased, or introduce into commerce, or export from the United States to another country, any vehicle covered by this notification, unless it has received the Approved Emission Modification described in this notification.  Failure to adhere to these instructions may result in possible penalties or fines.
  • Follow ALL steps of the work instructions.
  • More information about a class action settlement providing incentives to customers who receive the Emission Modification can be found at
  • Emission Modification information:
  • Mercedes-Benz Customer Assistance Center: 1-833-841-9362


While we regret any inconvenience this may cause, MBUSA is determined to maintain a high level of vehicle quality and customer satisfaction. Please refer all customer inquiries to the Customer Assistance Center at 1-833-841-9362.




What is the reason for this Emission Modification?

On March 9, 2021, Daimler AG (“DAG”) and Mercedes-Benz USA, LLC (“MBUSA”) reached a settlement with the United States Department of Justice (“DOJ”), the Environmental Protection Agency (“EPA”), the California Air Resources Board (“CARB”), and the California Attorney General’s Office (“CA AG”) regarding the emission control system in MY09 to MY16 OM642 and OM651 BlueTEC II diesel vehicles sold or leased in the US.  As part of this settlement, MBUSA is offering eligible Owners and Lessees a modification to the vehicles’ emission control system, referred to as an Emission Modification.

Eligible vehicles and vehicle model years have been separated into Emission Modification Categories (“EMCs”) to facilitate the Emission Modification Program.  Each EMC will be launched in phases, and MBUSA will notify authorized Mercedes-Benz Dealers after agency approval of each Emission Modification.  Please refer to our public website for more information on your particular vehicle.


Is this a recall?

No, this is NOT a recall.  As part of the settlement with the US authorities, DAG and MBUSA are offering eligible vehicle Owners/Lessees a modification to the vehicles’ emission control system, referred to as an Approved Emission Modification (AEM).  This modification will be performed at no cost to the Owner/Lessee.


What is an “EMC”?

To facilitate the Emission Modifications on the subject vehicle population, the vehicle models and model years have been separated into Emission Modification Categories.  


What are the eligible vehicles that will receive an Emission Modification under this settlement?

This settlement pertains specifically to MY09 to MY16 BlueTEC II diesel vehicles with OM642 and OM651 engines sold or leased in the US.  For more information, please visit


How will the Emission Modification be communicated to Owners and Lessees in the US?

Owners/Lessees will first receive a letter in the mail indicating that the Emission Modification is available for their vehicle and inviting them to schedule an appointment with their preferred authorized Mercedes-Benz Dealer.


How do Owners and Lessees find out whether their vehicle is affected by the Emission Modification Campaign?

Owners and Lessees with affected vehicles will be mailed a notification letter when the Emission Modification is available.  Owners and Lessees can also check if their vehicle is affected by entering their VIN into the following site:

All vehicles covered by the Emission Modification Program also are covered by the proposed class action settlement described herein.


Owners and Lessees might complain about a Check Engine light; will the Dealer repair the vehicle as part of the emissions update?

A Check Engine light can illuminate for a number of reasons.  Authorized Mercedes-Benz Dealers can offer assistance diagnosing and repairing the issue.


Can an Owner or Lessee get a loaner vehicle or alternate transportation while the Emission Modification is being performed?

Where loaner vehicles are available, Dealers are requested to offer loaner vehicles to each Eligible Owner and Eligible Lessee at no cost where the implementation of the Approved Emission Modification will take 3 hours or longer to complete.

In an instance where the Approved Emission Modification takes 3 hours or longer to complete, and where the Dealer does not make available a loaner car or offer a shuttle service or alternative transportation, Class Members will be eligible to submit a claim for transportation costs of up to $35 along with their claims for other settlement compensation.  For more information on the transportation allowance, customers should visit the class action settlement website at, and should be reminded to save their receipts.


What is Mercedes-Benz going to do for Owners and Lessees given this inconvenience?

Dealers will attempt to minimize any inconvenience during the Emission Modification process.  Should Owners or Lessees experience an excessive delay with the Emission Modification of their vehicle, they can contact our Customer Assistance Center at 1-833-841-9362.

As part of the proposed consumer class action resolution, current owners and lessees of eligible vehicles who go to authorized Mercedes-Benz Dealers, have an Approved Emission Modification installed, and meet certain other requirements will be eligible to claim a payment of up to $3,590.  For more information on eligibility and the process for filing a claim, customers should call the number above or visit the class action settlement website at

 Other than the benefits that class members can claim through the class action settlement process, customers cannot be offered any compensation in exchange for receiving the Emission Modification.  Failure to adhere to this instruction may result in possible penalties.  At their discretion and on a case-by-case basis, Dealers can continue to offer customers goodwill for other reasons consistent with normal business practices and policies, but additional compensation in exchange for receiving the Emission Modification is prohibited.


Where can an Owner or Lessee have the Emission Modification work completed?

Owners and Lessees will be asked to contact their local preferred authorized Mercedes-Benz Dealer to arrange for an appointment to complete the FREE Emission Modification.


Can Owners and Lessees have the Emission Modification performed if they did not receive a Notification Letter in the mail but own a Mercedes-Benz BlueTEC diesel vehicle? 

Owners and Lessees should first check the eligibility and status of their vehicle by visiting  To be automatically alerted when the Emission Modification is available for their vehicle, Owners and Lessees are being asked to complete the “Keep me Updated” section of the website after entering their VIN to check the status.  


Do Owners and Lessees have to wait for the notification letter in the mail before their vehicle can receive the Emissions Modification?

Owners and Lessees do not need to present a copy of the notification letter to receive the FREE Emission Modification, but they should wait to bring their vehicle in for the Emission Modification until they receive notice that the Emission Modification has been launched for their specific vehicle model.  The Emission Modifications will be launched in phases, pending agency approval, so the Emission Modifications for all of the subject vehicle models (all MY09 to MY16 BlueTEC II diesel vehicles with OM642 and OM651 engines sold or leased in the US) will not be launched at the same time.  Once the Emission Modification has been approved for a particular vehicle type, Owners and Lessees will be sent a letter asking them to schedule an appointment with their authorized Mercedes-Benz Dealer to perform the FREE Emission Modification.


Do Owners or Lessees need the Owner/Lessee notification letter to have the Emission Modification performed?

No, Owners and Lessees with eligible vehicles do not need the notification letter to have the FREE Emission Modification completed.  Local authorized Mercedes-Benz Dealers can check the eligibility and status of vehicles without the letter.


What about Owners or Lessees who request that the Emission Modification be performed without first receiving a letter?

No Emission Modification can be performed until EPA and CARB approve the Emission Modification for the specific model. Similarly, the affected VIN must be flagged as “OPEN” in VMI with the respective Emission Modification campaign number for the modification to be performed.


When will parts be available?

Parts are currently available for the Emission Modifications which have been approved by EPA and CARB.  We will provide updates as parts become available for other vehicle models.

Regarding all other future vehicle categories, MBUSA is working with EPA and CARB to obtain approvals for the Emission Modification.  MBUSA will notify Dealers upon approval of each Emission Modification that the Emission Modification has become available.

For up-to-date parts availability information, please refer to the website


Are there any known vehicle symptoms associated with the Emission Modification that Owners or Lessees will notice that should lead them to stop driving or take their vehicle to a Dealer? No.  There are no symptoms related to the Emission Modification.


What is the expected impact on an Owner’s or Lessee’s vehicle after the Emission Modification has been performed?

Details on the impact to vehicles are provided in the letter for each Emission Modification Category.  A copy of the Owner/Lessee letter for the EMC subject to this FAQ is attached.


What types of repairs or replacements are needed?

Authorized Mercedes-Benz Dealers will replace specific emissions-related components.  This varies by model and model year.  For more information, please visit


How long does this Emission Modification take?

Replacement time is dependent upon the model and model year.  This time may range from 30 minutes to a maximum of 16.5 hours.  Details are provided in the Owner/Lessee notification letter.


What if vehicles have been modified using after-market parts and/or software? Can the Emission Modification still be performed?

If, prior to receiving the Emission Modification, the vehicle has been modified in a manner that impedes the installation of the AEM or substantially affects the operation of the AEM after install (for example, removal of original emissions components not part of the AEM), dealers might not be able to perform the Emission Modification until the prior modifications are corrected.  The Owners/Lessees would be responsible for such corrections.  Once corrected, the vehicle may receive the Emission Modification.


What if Owners or Lessees decline to have the Emission Modification performed?

If Owners/Lessees decline the Emission Modification at this time, they will be advised by their authorized MercedesBenz Dealer that certain emissions-related replacement and repair parts (for their existing system) may no longer be available from Mercedes-Benz at some point in the future.  Additionally, the current vehicle Owner/Lessee will not be able to make a compensation claim as part of the proposed class action settlement without first having the Emission Modification performed on their vehicle.


Will eligible vehicles have any warranty on the Emission Modification?

Yes.  Once the Emission Modification is performed, certain components will have an extended warranty for the greater of 4 years/48,000 miles from the date of installation of the Emission Modification or 10 years/120,000 miles from the initial sale date of the vehicle.  As described in the Customer Letter, some emission-related components have an additional extended warranty period, which is added to the applicable Extended Modification Warranty period above.  This extended warranty remains with the vehicle and is fully transferable to subsequent owners until expiration.  Where loaner vehicles are available, Dealers are requested to offer loaner vehicles to each Eligible Owner and Eligible Lessee at no cost where extended warranty repairs exceed three hours to complete.


Can Owners or Lessees be denied coverage under the Extended Warranty for the Emission Modification?  

The Extended Warranty for the Emission Modification may be denied if an eligible vehicle has been altered with the use of any after-market emissions-related components, parts, and/or software, or with the removal of any original emissions-related components, parts, and/or software, and such alteration(s) are likely to substantially affect the operation of the vehicle with the Emission Modifications, until the owner of such vehicle, at his or her expense, has reversed the alteration(s) such that the Emission Modification will not be substantially affected.



Campaign No. 2020050019, January 2022


SUBJECT: Model ML-Class diesel vehicles (W164 platform)
Model Year 2009
Modification to the emission control system


Mercedes-Benz USA, LLC (“MBUSA”) is performing an emission campaign on certain MY09 ML-Class (W164) diesel vehicles in order to modify the vehicles’ emission control system. EPA and CARB have approved this emission modification. An authorized Mercedes-Benz dealer will replace certain emission control system components and update certain software in the affected vehicles at no cost to the owner of the vehicle.


Prior to performing this Emission Campaign:

  • Please check VMI to determine if the vehicle is involved in the emission modification campaign and if it has been previously repaired. Always Check VMI for any open campaigns, and perform accordingly.
  • Please review the entire Emission Campaign bulletin and follow the repair procedure exactly as described.


Approximately 3,277 vehicles are involved.


Order No. P-EC-2020050019


Scope of Work: 

Note: Videos of exemplary modifications of a GLK250 (MY13) BlueTec and a ML350 BlueTec (MY12) can be found on WIS Service Media (WSM): GLK250 BlueTec: WSM ⇒ Content by model series ⇒ Passenger Cars ⇒ GLK (Model 204.9) ⇒ 49 – Exhaust system


Work procedure 

  1. Connect XENTRY and perform Initial Short Test and Pre-Inspection
  2. Disconnect Battery Ground
  3. Replace charge air distribution line right and left, charge air cross pipe, clean air line, exhaust gas recirculation valve, exhaust gas recirculation cooler and exhaust pipe.
  4. Replace components of the exhaust system (DPF/DOC and SCR catalyst).
  5. Replace the exhaust heat shield
  6. Replace O2 sensor
  7. Replace both NOx sensors
  8. Replace the DEF injection nozzle
  9. Connect the battery ground Check fuse F119 for presence
  10. Connect XENTRY Diagnosis.
  11. Update and commission the engine control unit, update the software of the engine control unit, VGS and SCR.
  12. Replace the control unit injection system.
  13. Attach the adhesive label
  14. Complete XENTRY Diagnosis.
  15. Perform a final quick test


Primary Parts Information

Qty. Part Name Part Number
1 Part Kit (2 x NOX sensors) A 642 905 10 00 85
1 Small parts Kit A 164 490 23 00 05
1 Combination box (DOC+DPF) A 164 490 17 00 80
1 SCR catalyst A 164 490 08 00 80
1 O2 sensor A 000 542 81 11
1 Shielding plate A 164 682 47 71
1 ECU A 642 900 10 02
1 Dosing module A 164 490 26 00 80
1 Adhesive Label A 000 584 63 15
1 Part Kit Charge Air Pipe Left A 642 090 20 00
1 Part Kit Charge Air Pipe Right A 642 090 21 00


Hexalobular bolt

Fuel filter on right charge air distribution line right; M6X19

N 000000 001116
1 Part Kit Charge Air Pipe A 642 090 23 00
1 Hexagon nut A 000 990 43 37
1 Clean Air Duct A 642 090 82 37
1 Parts Kit venting tube A 642 010 75 15
1 Exhaust gas heat exchangers A 642 140 02 75
1 O-ring A 020 997 47 45
2 Screw N 000000 001114
1 Sealing insert heat exchanger on charge air distributor line A 642 142 05 80
1 Exhaust gas recirculation valve A 642 140 18 60
2 Screw N 000000 001117
2 Band clamp A 140 995 01 05
1 Exhaust pipe A 642 140 24 08
3 Hexagon bolt M6x16 N 910143 006001
1 Parts Kit exhaust gas turbochargers A 642 090 24 00
1 Parts Kit fuel line A 642 070 15 00
1 Clamp N 000000 006288
1 Hexalobular bolt

Fuel filter on right charge air distribution line left; M6X19

N 000000 001116
1 Hexalobular bolt M6X15 N 000000 001114

Small parts such as screws, stop nuts, sealing rings, cable ties, liquids, sealants, etc. are not listed in the parts listing. The required small parts are within budge taken into account.

Parts listed below bolded parts are included in the same repair step.

Parts list may not include all screws and gaskets due to model variations. Additional parts must be ordered separately and are VIN specific.


Launch NCU – 2020050019 – EMC 5 -MY09-12 W164/X164/V251 BlueTEC Update


Launch NCU – 2020050019 – EMC 5 -MY09-12 W164/X164/V251 BlueTEC Update



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  • [Engine/ABS/SRS/Transmission Diagnostic Tool]----The crp123 obd2 scanner is perfect balance of power and affordability, providing the ability to view preset, or user defined, live data streams for ENGINE, AT, ABS and SRS data, the ability to graph, record, replay and print data, read and resets codes for engine/abs/srs/transmission system.(Note: Does not work for other System and does not have Special services!)
  • [Full OBDII Test Code Reader]----LAUNCH CRP123 scan tool supports all 10 modes of OBDII standard to ensure complete, accurate, system diagnosis. Read and Clear DTCs, do smog tests , I/M readiness and O2 sensor tests, Mode 06 EVAP system test, Mode 08 on-board test component test. And OBDII Code lookup tool and acronym database to assist and speed diagnosis and repair time.
  • [Live Data Stream + Advanced OBDII Scanner + Lifetime Update]---- Launch crp123 scanner support for Generic OBDII Codes (P0, P2, P3 and U0); manufacturer specific codes (P1, P3 and U1); pending codes; freeze frame data; monitor and I/M readiness; live PCM stream data; graphing functionality for up to four (4) live data streams include the Engine Coolant Temperature, Long&Short Fuel Trim, the change of Accelerator Pedal Position Sensor , Throttle valve position , Generator load signal,Fuel Tank Pressure , Engine RPM, Intake Ait Temperature and so on; clears DTC codes and turns off the MIL; resets monitors; provides Data Link Connector (DLC) location hints.
  • [Extensive Vehicle Coverage + 9 Languages]----The LAUNCH CRP123 reads data from ENGINE, TRANSMISSION, ABS and SRS systems from Asian, US and European manufacturers. Coverage includes Suzuki, Honda, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Toyota, Mazda, Hyundai, Kia, Subaru, Infiniti, Lexus, Acura, Isuzu, Ford, GM, Chrysler, Benz, BMW, VW, Opel, Volvo, Fiat, Land Rover, Seat, Skoda, Audi, Porsche, Saab, Jaguar and many others. Support 9 different languages.
Bestseller No. 7
OBD2 Scanner Code Reader AL600, ABS& SRS Scanner Diagnostic Tool with Active Test, TOPDON Scanner for Car with Oil/BMS/SAS Reset Service, Full OBD2 Functions Automotive Scan Tool, Lifetime Free Update
  • [ABS & SRS Scanner with Active Test] The ABS/ SRS diagnostic tool Read & clear DTCs, displays live data in a graph to locate the cause of faults and assists the home mechanic with repairs and clearing ABS and airbag warning lights. Active test sensors, valves or solenoids etc. and tracks any threats in real time. It is invaluable to have a diagnostic tool with Active Test feature that you will never find on similar ABS/ SRS scanners.
  • 【3 HOP Reset Services 】Easy to set up 3 regular reset services for Oil Light, Battery Management System, and Steering Angle Position. With this obd2 scanner, you can reset the oil service light and reset pre-programmed mileage intervals for energy efficiency; adjust or reset the steering angle position to keep steering aligned; and clear the original low battery fault information. No need to leave home for shop-quality car maintenance.
  • 【All OBD2 Test Modes 】 This ABS & SRS scan tool is also a full featured obd2 code reader, allowing a quick test of the engine system of OBD II vehicles, can Read/Clear engine light codes, Live Data, Freeze Frame, Retrieving I/M Readiness Status, O2 Monitor Test, On-Board Monitor Test, Evap Test, Read Vehicle Information, and help pass smog test for most post-1996 OBD2/CAN vehicles.
  • [DTC LookUp Library] Can't read the code? Go to the DTC LookUp Library. The Topdon AL600 OBD2 scanner offers a wealth of code definitions so you don't have to look them up in a list or database, and the HELP function takes you to diagnostic tips for possible fixes, saving time searching for repair materials online. No other scan tool or code reader under $100 offers this level of assistance.
  • [User-Oriented] You'll love the feel of this automotive scanner, with black rubber grips all around the outer edges for durability and to withstand accidental drops. With its easy access menu, you can operate all functions in minutes with just a few button presses. The 3-color LEDs give you a intuitive indication of the OBD2 test results in a second. 3 shortcut keys, one key to read/clear DTCs and a one-touch smoke status check make it easy to use even for beginners.
SaleBestseller No. 8
ANCEL OBD2 Scanner FX2000 Car Diagnostic Tool, ABS SRS Transmission Airbag Car Scanner, Check Engine Car Code Reader, Automotive Scan Tool for All Cars
  • 🔧【PLUG AND PLAY - EASY TO USE】 : ANCEL FX2000 car scanner only takes 3 steps to connect to the car for diagnosis without cumbersome operations. The latest FX2000 scan tool is equipped with a one-key diagnosis function, which can automatically identify the model and year of your car, and automatically diagnose the car. Even beginners can use it to read the data and find out what the fault codes mean.
  • 🚗【FULL OBD-LEVEL DIAGNOSTICS TOOL】: Quickly determines the cause of engine system faults, reads current, permanent and pending codes. After the repair, clears the codes and turns off the warning light. In addition, the FX2000 engine code reader also displays important OBD II advanced data such as fuel, live data and other manufacturer-specific parameters in real time to ensure that the engine ECU is operating correctly and safely, saving vehicle owners a lot of time and money in maintenance.
  • 🚙【TRANSMISSION FAULT DIAGNOSTIC TOOL】: Some noises come from the transmission? Ancel obd2 scanner will read fault codes, display live transmission system data (fluid temperature, fluid pump, clutch actuation, pressure, etc.), and ensures transmission performance is optimal for vehicle speed and load. It provides detailed TCM data of the vehicle, so you can quickly and accurately find existing or potential problems.
  • 🚐【FIND OUT SRS WRONG】: ANCEL FX2000 automotive scanner is able to read and clear fault codes in the SRS (airbag) and turn off the warning light to make sure the system is working correctly and safely. This odb2 scanner also displays a live graphical data stream of the supplemental restraint system (air bag), which allows you to analyze and verify that the air bag system is working properly.
  • 🚌【ABS OBD2 SCANNER】:The FX2000 diagnostic scanner for all vehicles can read and clear the Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC) data stream transmitted from the ABS. By retrieving the ABS code data, the obd scanner can check the various brake components and accurately diagnose problems.
Bestseller No. 9
INNOVA 6100P OBD2 Scanner ABS SRS Transmission, Car Code Reader Diagnostic Scan Tool with Oil Reset, Battery & Alternator Test, Full OBD II, Live Data
  • 【Buy with Confidence】 As a America's No.1 diagnostic tool brand, Innova stands for innovation, quality, and accessibility in the automotive diagnostic industry. we are known for developing cutting-edge diagnostic tools that are user-friendly, reliable, and made for US by Americans.
  • 【Unleash Your Drive's Potential】Much more than a car code reader, the 6100P scanner effectively reads and erases engine, ABS, SRS, and transmission codes for popular US car makes such as Ford, Chevy, Dodge, GM, etc. when the traction light is constantly on,the ability to really detect where the problem is concerning brakes and airbags enables you to make sure all safety measures in place before putting yourself in harm's way.
  • 【Your Car's Health Doctor】Easily view procedures or send commands for oil change, mileage or driving time reset for most 1996 and newer OBD2 vehicles. it also monitors your oil level and oil life status, ensuring optimal vehicle health.
  • 【Your Car's Personal Battery Guru】The Innova 6100P scanner is perfect for assessing the performance of the battery or alternator in your hybrid, car, SUV, minivan, or light truck diesel as well. During rough winters and scorching summers, this diagnostic tool will be invaluable when trying to root out start-up issues.
  • 【Drive with Confidence and Peace】Quickly identify if your vehicle needs immediate attention with our Code Severity Levels function. This feature helps you understand whether you need to fix an issue immediately or if it can wait until you get home, keeping warning lights at bay.
Bestseller No. 10
ANCEL FD500 Obd2 Scanner fit for Ford Lincoln Mercury, All Systems Code Reader with Engine ABS SRS Transmission 4WD System Diagnostics, Scan Tool with EPB/Throttle/Oil Reset/Battery Registration
  • 🚗【Full Systems fit for Ford Lincoln】 This OBD2 scanner fit for ford allow you to read and clear trouble codes from all available systems, including Engine, ABS, SRS, Transmission, HVAC, 4WD, and more. It is a professional diagnostic scan tool specifically designed for Ford Group vehicle owners and repair shops.
  • 🚕【Multiple Special Functions】 Ancel FD500 is not just a all systems scan tool, but also includes special functions for Ford Group Vehicles such as Throttle (KAM) and Oil Reset, Electronic Parking Brake (EPB) Maintenance Mode, Battery Registration.
  • 🚙【OBD2 Functions for All Vehicles】 This tool is equipped with a range of OBD2 functions suitable for all cars that have a 16-pin OBD2 socket. These functions include reading and erasing codes, I/M Readiness, reading data streams, testing battery volts, and providing vehicle information.
  • 🚘【Wide Compatibility fit for Ford Vehicles】it is compatible with most Ford Group vehicles (ford, Lincoln, Mercury) after 1996. Include Edge, Ecosport, Ecort, F-150, F-250,F-350, F-650, F-750,MKC,Blackwood, Zephyr, MKZ, Montego, Milan, and Cougar.If you are not sure whether it can work on your car, just feel free to contact us.
  • 🚖【Professional Battery Registration fit for ford】It is necessary to perform the battery reset function when the damaged or aging car battery is replaced by a new one.before register your battery first step Ignition on, Engine off, check the dashboard and confirm it is in a diagnostic mode.and it is recommended that the replacement aftermarket battery has the same specifications,such as capacity and type.

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